Video production is our company passion and Web Video is our focus.

By focusing our expertise and simplifying our production process we are able to offer a powerful web video advert at the low cost of £595.

Birmingham library
Birmingham library

How are we able to offer professional quality video advertising at £595?

We DON’T reduce the creative quality of our films. We shoot all our videos on professional broadcast quality cameras, light using a professional lighting setup, and use elite editing software. We  we have perfected the process of producing web video marketing adverts. Over time we have streamlined our planning, filming and editing process and each production we produce follows our proven system to ensure the perfect result. Our web video ads package is aimed at companies, corporations, SMEs, sole-traders, hotels, restaurants, factories, retailers, clubs and associations, media companies, estate agencies, construction companies, artists and craftspeople looking to promote their services online and take advantage of the power of internet marketing.

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What you get for £595?

If you are looking to promote your products or services in a cost effective way let us help you achieve a real commercial impact.

What we offer for £595 is:

  • 60 – 90 second video – on-site video production selling you, your product, products and your services
  • Qualified professional film production crew
  • Shot and edited on the latest broadcast equipment
  • One hour with our crew at one location to achieve:
    • Footage of your shop, corporate headquarters, office, products and services
    • Interview with a company representative to form the narrative of the video
    • A customer testimonial

The result is a highly polished web video advert that reflects the professionalism of your business, the quality of your products and the high standard of your services.


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Birmingham Airport arrivals