Online video is the fastest growing sector of the internet… 

Today alone YouTube will have more than 200 million videos being watched.

There is quite literally a revolution taking place in terms of how consumers are engaging with online content. We are becoming more demanding, less patient and expect websites to be simple, interactive and interesting. Web video helps to address each of these demands.

At a recent conference, the Chief Executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) referred to video on the web: “Online advertising will continue to enjoy further growth in the future, powered by mobile, video and display advertising”. In the report “Video Ads Grow Almost 200 per cent”, the IAB presents the following stats:

  • People are more accepting of online video ads than many other forms of advertising because they are seen as more relevant and therefore less intrusive. ( Tremor Media ).
  • Online video advertising spend for pre/mid/post-roll has grown in the UK to almost £19.4 million for the first half of 2018, close to 200% growth in 12 months ( PwC/IAB AdSpend Study ).
  • 96% of broadband users have connections of 2MB or far higher, which is almost every internet user in the UK, making video bigger and better quality, the same with your adverts ( BMRB Internet Monitor )