Online video is growing…

Online video is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world with over 28 million people in the UK alone viewing online video every month.

YouTube alone is ranked #2 among .com websites, has more than 100 million videos being watched per day.

Why should you consider an online video commercial?

Simply put, it only takes a few seconds for people to lose interest. By placing a video with real people on your website, you will bring it to life and immediately captivate your audience, holding them on your site for longer.

If this isn’t a compelling enough reason for you, then consider the other facts… Having an online video commercial can:

  • Increase trust and rapport with visitors by presenting a talking character
  • Keep visitors on your website for up to 75% longer
  • Increase business enquiries via your website by as much as 80%
  • Humanise your written content and achieve 10 times the impact of text

You can use your online video commercial to promote your business on your website, web page, online business profile or across multiple websites. You can host it across a range of different social networks like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and search engines like Google and Yahoo to gain maximum exposure and online visibility.